Become a Patron of the Orchestra

As a registered charity (charity registration number 700863), the City of York Guildhall Orchestra depends to a large extent on the interest, enthusiasm and generosity of individual music lovers.

Public funding is almost impossible to attract and the economic climate does little to encourage corporate sponsorship.  The Patrons of the orchestra through their loyal support and financial backing make an invaluable contribution to its success.  They also play a role in spreading the word encouraging awareness of, and support for, the concert series.

Patrons subscriptions of £75 (or more should you so wish) annually make a major contribution to the orchestra’s financial security, and enable it to promote exciting events that would otherwise be impractical.  Even better, for those of you who are tax payers, completing a Gift Aid form allows the orchestra as a charity to reclaim some money back from HMRC at no disadvantage to yourself. 

There are several benefits enjoyed by the Patrons of the orchestra, including:

  • Advance notice of the orchestra’s activities;
  • Privileged booking for the orchestra’s concerts - seats are specially reserved for the use of Patrons until a few days before the concert;
  • A name credit in the concert programmes;
  • A Patrons’ newsletter;
  • An invitation to social events run by the orchestra;
  • The opportunity to attend rehearsals.

For further information please E-mail the Patrons Secretary, Angelo Braganza, at:

Current list of Orchestra Patrons

We are extremely grateful to the following for their encouragement and support of the orchestra (October 2018):

  • Mr Ainsworth
  • Mr K Allen
  • David Atkinson
  • Mr & Mrs P J Bartle
  • Dr R Brech
  • Mrs M L Brown
  • John Bryan
  • Margaret Bryan
  • Mrs Lucy Charnock
  • Professor Sir Ronald Cooke
  • Mrs Copley
  • Mrs C Cramb
  • Terry & Mary Crawford
  • Ian Cuthbertson
  • Mr & Mrs R Dexter–Smith
  • Mr D Dickson
  • Mr RH & Mrs HM Dobson
  • Carrie Drewer
  • Mrs P Dunwell
  • Mrs L Dyson
  • Mr Geoff Egginton
  • Mr A Evans
  • Mr F & Mrs M J Finney
  • Mr F & Mrs K Freeman
  • Mrs Olwyn Fuller
  • Mr M Galloway
  • Mr J A Gloag
  • Ann Green CBE
  • Trevor Berry
  • David & Janet Hopton
  • Jeremy & Paula Horsfield
  • Karen Hyman
  • Felicity Jones
  • Peter Jones
  • Graham Long
  • Mr L & Mrs C E Mackinlay
  • Heather Marvin
  • Professor A Marvin
  • Mr D Miller & Mrs S Gray
  • Mrs A Morris
  • Paul & Ellen Murphy
  • Cllr K Orrell
  • Mr & Mrs J A Pook
  • Mr & Mrs D Rayner
  • Dr & Mrs Dick & Elizabeth Reid
  • Professor Tony & Dr Eva Robards
  • Cllr C Runciman
  • M H Russell
  • David Rymer & Laurent Simon
  • Tina & Peter Sanderson
  • Patrick Scott
  • Mr & Mrs Shatzberger
  • Rome Sigsworth
  • Gerard Simpson
  • Margaret Smith (in memoriam)
  • Professor Karen Stanton
  • Commodore PR Sutermeister
  • Mrs A Theakston
  • Judith Thorpe
  • Mr & Mrs Urmston
  • Peter & June Vaughan
  • Miss V Walpole
  • Hon Alderman Richard Watson
  • Mr G Wilford
  • Dr David Wilson
  • Clive Woolley
  • Mrs Honor Wright