The orchestra's purpose is to perform concerts of an increasingly high standard in the York Barbican and elsewhere.

The programmes performed will be both attractive and challenging to musicians and listeners alike, and where funds allow will include leading soloists of national and international renown.

In order to achieve our mission, we have set ourselves three principle objectives:

  • To improve the playing, already of a near professional standard, by:
    • attracting increasingly skilled players,
    • employing professionals to lead certain sections, and
    • running workshops to develop orchestral technique.
  • To increase the popularity of concerts by:
    • choosing appropriate programmes,
    • inviting some of the country's leading soloists to play,
    • improving publicity and
    • improving marketing.
  • To achieve financial stability through:
    • increased ticket sales,
    • increased revenue from concert programme advertising,
    • self help income,
    • increased commercial sponsorship, and
    • obtaining grants.